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We grow, we evolve, we contradict ourselves?

I am bloggging here after a long time now. So, just to refresh my mind, as I read through my older posts, made a year or more back, I can see how much we manage to announce and how much we manage to not keep up with the announcements, and how we can sometimes contradict ourselves (or oftentimes?).
Is this the beauty of purely voluntarily logging in hours on self-notes like our blogs? We can go back, and see how we have changed?

My eye on the phone--my I-phone.

When does a 'want' become a 'need'? As an economist, I have repeated several times, to my students, and to myself, that demand for something is when we have willingness and ability to pay for that good/service. In this world of cheap credit (is it really that cheap still?), 'ability' to pay for most things, is, typically well taken care off (we will deal with the bankruptcy courts later---lets first dip in the inviting jacuzzi in the bathroom!). Then what we are left with is the 'willingness' to pay for something, which translates into desire to own/use that something. Is it then the intensity of this willingness to pay, that differentiates a 'want' from a 'need'?
I have seen my want become a need recently. With most friends sending e-mails with signature lines of 'sent from my I-phone', and with a brother who is spending many a sleepless nights making and marketing app(s) for the I-phone, it is only understandable that conversati…