Friday, March 22, 2013

A List of Books I Want to Read

I am going to keep adding to this list as and when a title crosses my eyes, and publish it here, so that I am openly challenged by myself to get to these books some day:

  1. Something of Myself----R.Kipling
  2. Any book by Joan Didion

Thursday, March 14, 2013

V Senior = V Junior = Love Infinite

This is to establish, for all times to come, that my littlest kid has touched my heart in just as many unexpected and beautiful ways as my older kid has. I don't write a lot about her (have long stopped the logging of a weekly journal on child, and neither do I blog often about her here), but this does NOT mean that she is less enjoyable or less loved by any means. 

She evokes poetry in me, just like the older one did, but most often those moments of poetry are super swamped by moments of chasing the older one with fruits to eat, and keeping away Cheerios for fear of overdozing from the younger one. I wish I had a dictaphone on me all the time, to record the sheer sweetness that this little person's antics flood me with, but then I wonder if amidst the shrill cries of resentment being voiced by older one as the little one matter-of-factly destroys yet another of her Barbie set-ups, any of my soliloquies would get recorded at all. Their trivial fights and accompanying displays of all sorts of emotions are tragicomedy and on this soundtrack of life, I find myself empowered each day as a mother of two lovely children. 

Both my kids are equally loved---who could prefer one eye over the other? (Here, I do wonder what parents with three children use as analogies for precious things? I mean, for four children, you can say, four chambers of the heart, for five kids, you can say, five fingers, and for more than you or the children even have the time to converse? What in our body comes in a precious set of three?)

I find myself doting over V Jr. in playdates at other's places, when I have the time to just sit and watch her, and not worry about who is breaking whose toys. She fills me up with funny, fuzzy affection and all I can say is 'Thank You God, once again'.

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