Tuesday, April 5, 2016


And out of the blue, one day, in the busy busy world of internet traffic, you stumble upon a page, that looks vaguely familiar. You stare at it long enough for you to realise that Holy Crap (!) you created this baby once, in the heat of a passion for expression and a burning desire to describe. Oh gosh ! In that past avatar of yours you created that blog page, because when nothing else seemed to fit what you did, you decided it was okay to tack on the 'title' of a blogger to yours! And just like that the blogging disappeared, while you kept basking in the sliver of a glow that comes with the funky titles, like that of a 'blogger'.

That is me, and this abandoned piece of virtual real-estate is mine. Time to claim it,  I think. Though what does a blogger do? Key in the quotidian and punctuate with the extraordinaire? Gotta be ready to be vulnerable, and walk the tight rope of private vs public thought? It's doable, I am assured, by my own self!


When in the Beyond

I lost a train of thought to the screeching halt by a memory.  This happens to me often, Memories, you would brand random, Simply appea...