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When in the Beyond

I lost a train of thought to the screeching halt by a memory. 

This happens to me often,
Memories, you would brand random,
Simply appear,
Out of nowhere,
And lead me on to places old,
Faces old,
Smells of yore,
Heat that sears,
And rains that pour.
I am lost in the familiar,
I am uncertain in that which has happened,
I am limp, even when I knew I ran,
I am darting, where I know I lay for hours.

Beauty, in the perfection of her face,
Bravado, in his grip on the bike handles,
Fear, in those letters reaching the correct address,
Shame, in the first red on the underpant.
Envy, in a 99 here and a 100 there.

A house in the hills, 
is never in the memories,
A house in the hills,
was never in the plans.

A flight to the Beyond,
is written in the dreams in those memories,
And sitting in that Beyond today,
I can see all that lies just outside the Beyond
....from those days, from these days, but outside.

It is the law of nature, I think,
to leave the Behind, when you enter the Beyond.

Truth That Travels

Truth That Travels

Fake it,
for the truth,
no one can take it.

Truth torments,
for the truth may be ephemeral like the dew drop on the leaf,
glistening, filled up to the brim in sparkling allure,
So real, but gone, by a wind, by a whisper or by a whim.

Truth prevails,
truth as we saw it.
Truth, that can travel undiminished, undeterred, understood.


That eternal vagabond, 
That Usain Bolt of thoughts, 
That mixing bowl of Glen with Chardonnay with Vodka and Tequila, That child with a pout insisting on the china doll,
That Siddhartha of nirvana, That Hitler of Holocaust,
This mind is all that, And worse.