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Just finished reading the biographical book on the great Italian Master-Michelangelo Buonarrotti. Some thoughts from the reading:
a. He lived a full life, dying short of age ninety. And yet, the book (by Irving Stone) will have us believe that on his death bed, Michelangelo was not ready to die, not because he loved life very much, but because he loved his work-his creativity with marble, too much. He still thought that he had an entire (one more) lifetime of sculptures to chisel and frescoes to paint. Is this really what a truly passionate person thinks of in his/her last moments?
b. Despite his creative genius, and the accompanying passion he had for his work, he comes across as very stereotypically chauvinistic. Completely in sync with the opinions of his times, he expected women to be nothing more than wombs to 'bear sons' in order to 'carry the family name forward'. Not only did he never question the relative subservience of women in his society, but that he almost …