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This one's for her: To our little Miss Sunshine!

Warning: This note is super loaded with the word 'cute'-----I don't know how the dictionary defines it, and perhaps the thesaurus will have a whole list of synonyms for it.....but the person being described here, is nothing but cute and cute and cute---just the way we typically use this word. So here goes:

My toddler is growing up everyday. Yet, everyday she is unimaginably cuter than the day before. I tell her dad almost every day that I will not forget 'this' day and her immensely cute actions of that day for the rest of my life. Yet, come next day and I have already forgotten the details of the cuteness of the previous day. And that's because, each day is so intense with her. I find myself so enmeshed in her being--she so much seeped in my mind, that every day is full of the same, but invigorating emotions. Never a dull moment in my life---courtesy her. And she is just being herself. She is not posing, she is not pretending to be cute.....she is who she is...…

How long does it take?

I have a helper who comes very early in the morning to help with my household chores. She is promptly at the door, at a wee hour, and tirelessly works for as long as she can, before darting off to her full-time employment elsewhere in the neighborhood. Every once in a while, when I have partied late, or sat too long in front of my computer at night--mostly sucked in by online scrabble, I go to bed, hoping that she will skip coming the following morning. I want to sleep till late that morning. Hoping, I sleep with my alarm still on, just in case. Well, my hopes of the luxury of sleep are obviously way too weak than the need to work and earn for the helper. Every minute she is inside my house, is money made by her. And she knows, as well as I do, that she needs that money. She needs it to send her two kids to school, for them to make even a marginally better life than she made of hers. She needs it because she and her husband are both very ashamed and very helpless about the fact that h…

Film Review: 'Thelma and Louise' (1991)

Film Review: 'Thelma and Louise' (1991)

Yes, I come late to this scene---more than two decades have passed since this Oscar winner was made. I had heard the name forever, and if I am not mistaken, had even seen a clipping or two of the Oscar award ceremony then, on our grand old Sony back in India with dad and others. Yet, film watching was not my pet hobby then, as it is not now. Moreover, now that I do have frequent access to streaming movies, to enjoy the latest in the luxury of my home, with chai and all, I often end up seeing the Hindi movies, since Hindi cinema has come such a long way too. From just women dancing around trees and the hero flying off men in ear-splitting fist-fights (dhishum-dhishum), to the DhobhiGhaats and 3 is a pleasure to watch contemporary Indian cinema and the range of topics that it manages to cover and meaningfully portray. Anyhow, so TL was always there for me, but I had not sat down to watch it. Until, I read a recent interview b…