This one's for her: To our little Miss Sunshine!

Warning: This note is super loaded with the word 'cute'-----I don't know how the dictionary defines it, and perhaps the thesaurus will have a whole list of synonyms for it.....but the person being described here, is nothing but cute and cute and cute---just the way we typically use this word. So here goes:

My toddler is growing up everyday. Yet, everyday she is unimaginably cuter than the day before. I tell her dad almost every day that I will not forget 'this' day and her immensely cute actions of that day for the rest of my life. Yet, come next day and I have already forgotten the details of the cuteness of the previous day. And that's because, each day is so intense with her. I find myself so enmeshed in her being--she so much seeped in my mind, that every day is full of the same, but invigorating emotions. Never a dull moment in my life---courtesy her. And she is just being herself. She is not posing, she is not pretending to be cute.....she is who she is...and that's super cute!

Lil' one, you're a joy, you're love and you're a true blessing (touch wood!)

How cute and how lovely these little people can be, notice how:

Me:"Baby, your cousin brother is your aunt's SON, so what are you to me?"

Superbundleofjoy (very promptly, very matter-of-factly):"SUN-SHINE!"

Oh, you bet---you are----whoever coined that boring term 'daughter'---parents only have sons or sun-shines!

So, even when it rains incessantly now days---hey we have our sunshine! Thank you God.


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