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To Lost Friends

It rains outside,
I did not see the clouds in the evening.
Where did this rain come from?

Rain, like friends, can leave you wet, in memories.....of days gone by.
A friend.....who is she?
Someone who made you laugh, or someone who cried with you?

You will never know.
Like a dream that never came true, the friend is gone for now.
I hear no pitter-patter any more. Did the rain end?

A sun will shine tomorrow,
or perhaps day after.
This dampness will take a while to dry. Eyes are rain clouds you see.

As the Elementary School Kids Reflect on Mr. Obama

The Elections, came, and the hateful dirt just kept spilling out in the open, for all to see, for so many to be buried under. Sentiments were badly hurt. Hurt because, groups of people started to receive names, allegations and distrust. Someone had to win the White House, and so we now have a new President-Elect. As we look to the new with anticipation, as a mother of two small kids, for me, it is only fair to start thinking what is it that the elementary school kids, (at max 11 years of age currently), are going to perceive as the legacy of their memory’s first President….the man they have till date seen on T.V. as  the leader of their country? What will they remember about Oh-bama?
I am very proud already that my oldest daughter- a 3rd grader will forever remember that her first recollections of her country’s President are that of a tall, lanky man, with a tightly grazed salt and pepper hair, and a skin color that was not remarkable at all! In being who he is, The President, the lead…