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The Sub-urban Hum

The sub-urbs, are not less urban, by any means (we have 'our own' Bed-Bath n Beyond, and Target, and a Whole Foods.)
Suburbs are just more peaceful, that's all.

The city-dweller's buzz is gone from the mind, and the quiet of a loosely connected set of houses wafts through.
Apartments in the city lack space.....closet space at least.
Houses in the burbs are spaces galore....spaces enclosed in walls, called square footage, and spaces flowing unbound from front yard, to back yard, to driveways, to tree-lined inner roads, to sparsely filled neighborhood parks.

Trees stand tall, and available, in full glory here.
Browning, pale, feeble leaves flutter to the ground, and stay there till raked into a mulch-bag by the big forky rake.

The lawn mower roars, in some yard, every morning.
Grass shines a verdant smile....there are not many mani-pedi stores here, but the green grass gets cropped every week.

I haven't seen many people, though I have looked into the big black eyes of many a …