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Little One---Sweet One

My Dear Second Born,
           My all-the-time companion at home, my one word for all things 'cute', my one entity for all things irresistibly edible, there is so little I have written about you, for you, or recorded on films of you. You are the second in line of birth, but just as much a number one priority as the one who first made me a mom. Time was flying by even with just one of you around, and now with the two of you?----well, it is zooming girls are growing up, and growing up so fast. And you...littlest one? Well, it took your older sibling a full 4 and a half years of life, to call me a 'Meanie' (no not Minnie--like the cute mouse...but MEANIE--like 'U R MEAN')......and are not even all of 3 years of age, and you have called me MEANIE almost five times a day for a while now! You, little lady, are growing up too fast. You are attempting all things 'big kid', because you want to be that big sibling--that role model of you…