Why I finally resorted to Blogging?

For the longest time I considered blogging another of those web ways of being seen by as many as possible---I confess, something of a cheap gimmick to make oneself 'popular'. I likened it to an attempt to make one's personal diary a newspaper----an act best reserved for the butlers of Lady Dianas, and the White House consorts of ex-Presidents. As I post my own 'personal' thoughts today, I can definitely point to two main reasons for me coming around to blogging, and looking at it from the lens that most earnest bloggers actually do-----the lens of objectivity. The web is a VERY powerful medium, no doubts on that. And the web can thus provide a place for many a serious dialogues that we might as social scientists ( and for being those we don't need degrees--we just need OPEN EYES and OPEN EARS) want to have. The two reasons then were:
a. Having sent numerous never-published letters in response to articles in newspapers (most notably the WSJ in the U.S. and the Hindustan Times in India), I felt that either my letters are not super quality or that there are just too many people like me who write to the papers, and thus not all get published. In either case, I knew that if I was convinced about an issue, and wanted to share my thoughts on it, then perhaps I could start to 'publish' them on my own--right here!
b. When I spent two years at the University of Chicago, I became increasingly aware of the educated blogging done by even intellectuals like Judge Posner and Nobel Laureate Gary Becker---undoubtedly two of the most incisive and involved thinkers of today. I learnt that blogging is about information and nothing empowers like that. I can never think as clearly as they do, but I can get inspired for sure. Sitting down to write on some issue not only helps to concretise our thoughts on that issue, but an attempt to present it informally to a wide-variety of people, allows us to further break it down into nuts and bolts, and to understand it better.

So here I am, ready to discuss with you things that I see, or hear, and that I feel can help us change the world for 'a better' that we all largely agree on.


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